Revolution of Business Communication

It takes two to tango. It also takes two to conduct business. You need a business/corporation and a consumer, and this relationship is very delicate. Good business should be mutually beneficial for both parties.  In order for both parties to conduct business and build this delicate relationship a lot of important communication is involved. With the arrival of the internet and social media over the last 10 years this communication has been revolutionized.

Businesses date back to before books were even around. Something like one caveman selling a hide or fruit to another, real primitive. Now business has obviously evolved, and so has the means by which we do it. We recognize this fundamental shift and understand the only way to conduct business is to interact with your customer. Social media has created a platform where communication professionals can reach their audience and other interested parties. Getting a message out to consumers is a challenge marketing teams have always faced. The web and social media have made relaying these messages much easier. Consumers are involved in the web, social media specifically, more than you might think. According to Social Media by Regina Luttrell, people spend more time on social media than any other category of sites. A statistic like this emphasizes the importance for a business’s social media presence. People want to connect with companies. People need to communicate with their favorite brands and social media is the platform they desire. Communication professionals are not a luxury in today’s economic world, but a necessity to conduct good business.

Having a social media presence means that you are going to be there for consumers. You’re there to listen to concerns and participate in conversation, further developing their relationship with your brand. Having this presence is crucial for sales. You’re not too in their face, but you’re also there for when the consumer is ready to buy. Social media can be used in so many ways when it comes to communication with consumers. Customer service is one of the most of the most utilized means of social media.  Things like Qlogs, question blogs, are there for consumers to contact business with questions they have about products or services. Corporate blogs are another good example. They can be set up for the public to view and often discuss sales, marketing, branding, and PR. Business heavily depend on communication professionals to respond to consumers through several social medias and represent their company in a positive light.

Communication professionals also have used social media to communicate internally or business to business. Blogs, emails, and other social medias make communicating to employees and other corporations effective. Time is money; social media has given companies more time and in turn more money.

It takes an idea to revolutionize a country. It took social media to revolutionize the web and how businesses communicate with consumers


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