How to Cook a Redfish

Have you noticed McDonalds promoting their Filet-O-Fish? Or BK’s Big Fish sandwich? That’s because it’s the Lenten season, the 40 days leading up to Easter, for many Christian denominations. During these 40 days those who practice their faith normally don’t eat meat on Fridays. Advertisers recognize this as prime time to promote their “delicious” sandwiches. If you’ve moved past your greasy fast food fish days then get ready; Here is a how to cook fish.

Central Florida offers arguably the best redfishing in the state. You can blacken all kinds of fish but we’ll keep it local and talk about how to blacken redfish.

Step 1: Heat the pan

Heat a pan over medium heat. It’s ideal to use a cast iron pan because they hold intense amount of heat which is needed to char the crust. You can use stainless steel but avoid non-stick pans. Set pan on burner, without any non-stick cooking spray, and allow it to heat for 10-15 minutes.


Step 2: Melt some butter

While your iron pan is heating up, melt a generous amount of butter on separate pan.


Step 3: Dredge the fish in butter

Put your fillets into the pan of butter. Be sure they get a healthy coat on both sides. Shake off the excess and place them on a separate plate for seasoning.IMG_6236

Step 4: Season the fish

Keep it easy and buy a premixed spice specifically for blackening. Several spices are made specifically for blackening redfish. These spices have some kick to them so use an appropriate amount for your desired amount of spiciness.

Step 5: Cook em’

Before placing your fish onto you hot iron skillet, be sure you have some sort of ventilation going. Turn on the fans and perhaps open a window because the blackening process creates some smoke and even flames sometimes. Place the seasoned fillet on the pan. After 1-2 minutes flip the fish with a spatula and let the other side cook for another 1-2 minutes. Both sides should have a blackened crust.



Step 6: Eat the fish!

If you didn’t burn down your house then congratulations. You’ve successfully blacken fish. Enjoy that spicy fillet of goodness. You’ve earned it.


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