Not Being Strategic With Social Media is Time Wasted

Businesses have come to realize that the development and implementation of social media plans can help them target their desired audience. Having a clear vision and audience for your social media plan will produce specific results. In order to engage this audience, businesses must be strategic with their efforts. Being strategic means the company is developing clear objectives. Using the SMART strategy ensures that the objectives are specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

It’s important to have a plan in place. Your social media plan is a road map for your organization to follow to achieve their business goals. Planning out social media efforts prevents haphazard. Haphazard is wasted time on meaningless actions that contribute little vale to the organizations goals and the objects set out in the social media plan. Planning ensures that efforts focus on your organizations key message. This differs from just using social media on behalf of an organization. When you’re representing an organization, you want to be professional. Being static is different. It’s not only professional, but it has a specific message that is aimed to achieve an outcome you’ve planned out. It’s more than having a presence. It’s presenting information to have a specific audience accept their call to action.

An example of example of an organization being strategic with social media efforts is Ben and Jerry’s City Churned campaign. – This link shows a video from the campaign and gives some insight to the strategic planning model used. They targeted specific audiences in select cities with the objective to cultivate a deeper relationship with fans of their ice cream. They empowered their audience by creating a unique flavor for each city. Participants voted using foursquare and Instagram creating a buzz in the social media world. This campaign was more than just representing Ben and Jerry’s. It was a strategic plan to use social media to target an audience and create buzz around their new flavors. Without a strategic plan this campaign would not have been successful. This goes to show that being strategic with social media efforts with help organizations be profitable. Without a plan, social media isn’t communicating effectively.


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